First of all I would like to thank everyone that entered and sent your kind words. 
Before I announce the winner I'd like to say something I naively hoped I never would have to. 

I've noticed on other crafters giveaways they've had to make statements regarding excluding unfollowers from future giveaways - I never though small time me with my little giveaways would be affected by this, but it turns out I was wrong. You should know that I and many other crafters do these giveaways with products we've purchased with our own funds simply as a kindness to share and network with fellow crafters in what should be a kind and loving community. 

Following someone simply to get a giveaway entry only to turn around and unfollow them later is not only very hurtful, but incredibly uncool. I know I wasn't giving away any fantastic expensive prize here, but I found something I liked and wanted to share some - and you never know what someone else is going through. You don't know that the little money I spent here on this giveaway was most of my crafting budget for the month due to my current circumstances, and I choose to use that money to share a little bit of kindness with someone else. 

That being said - If you feel the need to unfollow my social media accounts 👋
 Future giveaways will prohibit and block those that follow and unfollow just to get a giveaway entry. Its not only rude and hurtful to the person doing the giveaway, but unfair to the other entrants who had no intentions of doing such a thing. Maybe you didn't think your actions had those consequences so I'm giving a one time free pass.

For the rest of you, especially those that took the time to read all this.
Know that I love you and I'm happy your here and I wish we could all hang out and craft together in person, but I'll settle for crafting together in this blog land world.
Give me your blogs/social links below in the comments so I can follow back if I don't already! 

Rant over and lets get to the fun stuff!!
A big congrats to Amy - She has been contacted and the goodies are in transit.


  1. So sorry you've had that experience! I agree it is lousy for someone to follow then unfollow after a giveaway! Shows no class....
    Congrats to Amy for winning the embossing bundle!

  2. So sweet of you to do this giveaway - you are such a kind soul!

  3. Oh yes, they are out there sadly! I commend you for putting what many of us feel, into words! Well done! I'm your newest Subscriber (don't want to miss a thing) and I'm sure we will be seeing more of each other in the months to come. {wink! wink!} Congratulations to your winner! You have a good heart Kristina!