A Warm Birthday with Sunny Studio Stamps

I adore this super cute set from Sunny Studio that has an assortment of little hats and gloves you can put on your little penguins. It's like having a set with 20 different images!

To get him all in one fluid piece, I stamped the penguin onto my quilters grid that I use in my MISTI
and lined up the hat, scarf, and gloves over top my guide image, and picked up with the MISTI.
Removing my guide, I stamped those 3 images onto my watercolor paper.
I stamped them again onto a full adhesive post it, and cut out to mask them off.

Next I put my original guide back into place to line Mr. Penguin back up where he goes.
Removed the guide and stamped him in place, over the masks.
Remove the masks and you have a full dressed and ready to go Penguin!

Next I stamped and clear embossed my sentiment and covered my penguin image with fineline masking fluid {not a big fan} will be researching other ways to mask for watercoloring, but I digress.

Once the masking fluid was dry I wet the paper up real good, and starting applying some blue watercolor just in the area around my images. I let everything air dry overnight (wasn't sure what heat would do to masking fluid), and once dry I colored/watercolored Mr. Penguin with my Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens which I'm really starting to enjoy!

A note on the Clean Color Real Brush Pens, They're WAY cheaper on amazon then anywhere I've seen, so if you've been holding off buying because of pricing, get 'em HERE
and it is straight from Keuratake

Hope You Like



  1. A sweet card Kristina, I love a cute little penguin! LOL
    I got my Zig's from Amazon as well. I got the 48 pk. for $105 straight from Kuretake and they arrived in 4 business days and I am in Nova Scotia! Was very happy!

  2. Adorable take on the sketch--and that has to be the best dressed penguin!

  3. Thank You for sharing your coloring for The Daily Marker 30 Day coloring challenge.So adorable. Love all tour coloring.

  4. I just happened upon your card at the Marker Pop blog and had to come over and tell you how cute it is! Such a fun color scheme! :)